Principal’s Perspective: A Merry Christmas for Justice Rising

Greetings Friend,

I hope that each family at NCS discovers a richer and deeper meaning of Christmas. It is wonderful that our children are excited about the fun and wonder of Christmas, yet I hope they realize the baby born in the manger can enrich their lives beyond their imagination. Christian parents have an exciting opportunity to share with their children that the Spirit of Christmas can comfort, heal and guide them throughout their lives.

Justice Rising

Last year, we began sharing with our students our desire to support Justice Rising, a Christian school ministry serving the children in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. During chapels and in the classroom, we have introduced to the students the founders of Justice Rising, Cassandra & Edison Lee. During our Martin Luther King Chapel last year, Cassandra and Edison shared their vision to educate and disciple thousands of children. They have developed seven new schools in a war zone to provide safety, life, and a Christian education to almost 2,000 children. Their goal is to create 40 new schools in the next five years. Last year one of our school families provided the funds to build one new building, and NCS wants to provide the annual financial support to meet all the needs for that one school.

Learn more about Justice Rising by watching this video or visiting their website.  You can also follow them on social media for the latest news.

It has always been our desire, as an American school, to share the resources that we have with God’s children in the third-world. If every NCS family donated $80, we would cover one school’s annual budget of $20,000. This amount will pay for the teachers’ wages, and all the other school supplies, for over four hundred students. If you would like to help NCS support our sister school through Justice Rising, you can drop off your donation in the school office.  

I hope that you will consider participating with us. We hope to have a long relationship with Justice Rising Schools as their family and supporters.

Merry Christmas and God Bless You,

Mr. Ken Storey


Pictures of our sister school being built last summer.

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