Dress Code

NCS has partnered with Educational Outfitters to provide quality dress code clothing that can be purchased from their local store.  Our embroidered school logo is included in the price of the polo shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Families may choose to visit the store to try on items and make their purchases, or items may be ordered and shipped to the home.  

Please remember that if you purchase an item that is not part of our dress code, your child will not be allowed to wear that item in class. Look-alike items are only allowed for some articles of clothing and must be a match to the Educational Outfitters’ design, color, and fit.

Download Dress Code Guidelines

Look Alikes ...

Skirts must be purchased from Educational Outfitters. Skirts from other stores do not match our dress code.

Polo shirts may not have a logo (other than the NCS logo).
Must be solid color in Navy, Red, White, Evergreen or Maize.


Jumpers must be purchased from Educational Outfitters.

Pant Pockets

Pants may be purchased from any store but must match Educational Outfitters in style, color, and fit.

NCS Spirit Wear

NCS Spirit Wear shirts may be worn on designated Spirit Wear Days. These are scheduled at the beginning of the year and typically take place on the last Friday of each month and on any half-days.  Students wear regular NCS dress code pants, shorts, or skirts with their Spirit Wear unless special permission has been given for a jeans/sweats day (sometimes this is done as a  fundraiser). Some Spirit Wear items that are classified as outerwear or accessories, may not be worn on Spirit Wear Days. See additional information below. 

  • Fun Run shirts (from the current school year) may be worn as Spirit Wear.
  • 8th-grade class shirts may be worn as Spirit Wear, but other class shirts may not.
  • Homemade items may not be worn as Spirit Wear.

Information about Spirit Wear sales will be posted in the Cougar News.