Education, when viewed as the process of developing citizens for God’s kingdom, is certainly an eternal investment.  Our vision statement,  “touching lives for eternity,” encapsulates what we strive to focus on as we follow the direction of God in our daily endeavors and long-range planning.  We are committed to providing a full dimensional educational experience, which includes the development of the whole child.  The spiritual and intellectual growth of each student is emphasized at NCS.  Our desire is for each student to achieve his or her fullest potential.


Bible instruction is Christ-centered and evangelical. Classes include Bible reading, exploration, memorization of Bible verses, and stories.  Classroom meetings encourage Christian growth and character development.


Saxon math is one of the most comprehensive programs available.  The structure and lessons from Saxon are based upon traditional strategies and modern brain research proving its effectiveness.


Science should be experienced not just read about. Our hands-on science program allows students to do just that. Science becomes exciting as students participate in experiments with electricity, physics, biology and more.

History & Geography

Students learn the history of people and where they live from a Christian worldview.   Students gain an understanding of the world, beginning with their family and community and expanding to the US and the world.

Writing & Grammar

Our English program incorporates systematically taught grammar lessons which are applied in writing assignments.  Word study and vocabulary are directly taught to enhance writing and speaking.  Authentic editing using student’s coursework brings excitement and interest to this subject area.


We teach individually, diagnostically and systematically so every child masters the art of reading.  Children from both ends of the fluency continuum are excelling through our strategies in Phonemic Awareness, and Orton-Gillingham.

Foreign Language

Spanish instruction begins in kindergarten and continues through 8th grade. Students begin with basic vocabulary. Middle schoolers practice reading and writing in Spanish.


Students participate in a variety of enrichment classes including: Computer, Art, Physical Education, Library & Music. Middle School adds Choir, Photography, Band & Home Skills.


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