Why Choose Northville Christian School?

Northville Christian School has become one of the most effective schools in Michigan providing a culture of respect and higher learning for children. It would be best to hear the whole story from our faculty or our current students’ parents. The school community is a place where children are taught and experience respect, responsibility and fun. Our students are given an opportunity to grow into the people that God intended without outside destructive influences. Through biblical studies, adult role modeling, peer mentoring, and parental leadership our students grow into assertive leaders in high school and college. With a supportive community our students are inspired to learn new ideas. By approaching instruction with a diagnostic intent, we are able to design lesson presentations that capture the individual learning style of each student. Through our own documentation and the results from annual Terra Nova testing, we can see that our students score above grade level in math, literacy and sciences. Scores for students attending public schools average in the 50th percentile, while our recent class of graduates averaged in the 90th percentile.

Though our gifted students have been challenged and have gone on to academic success in college, we have not forgotten that as many as 40% of children struggle to become fluent readers. Our curriculum has proven successful in early detection and intervention for those students who struggle with literacy. Through prompt intervention in the lower elementary grades, children have avoided poor reading development and have gone on to excel several grade levels above their chronological age. NCS ensures that years are not wasted teaching children through ineffective teaching strategies. Call our administration for a more detailed discussion about these two core priorities: morals and literacy.

Mentoring & Discipleship

Inspiring children to pursue a Christ-like life is a priority of our school. We believe biblical principles will guide our faculty and students in a manner that will please the Lord. We respond to normal childhood behaviors with respect and patience, and we see misbehavior as an opportunity to develop godly character in the child. Considering many of the scriptural principles, we approach disobedience with respect, kindness and firm consequences. Children need to know the person in authority cares about them and that God directs parents and teachers to discipline children for their own good. (Hebrews 12:4-11)

We believe children are to be respectful, obedient and kind. To that end, we believe in a strong partnership with parents in the discipleship of their children. While we provide ample opportunities for our students to learn these lessons in integrity, we realize it is primarily the parents who instill a life of holiness in their children. Following these time-honored principles has allowed us to see our students willingly pursue acts of kindness and obedience towards their families and community.

middle schoolers with younger student

Our Faculty



The heart of the school lies within the teachers. The men and women of NCS are experienced, degreed educators from reputable universities who are life long learners. We demonstrate our commitment to holiness, respect and humor daily. We have not rested on what we learned in college, but have expanded our knowledge to bring to each child a rich and unique learning experience. We understand that children have individual learning styles and must be taught through differentiated instruction that is systematic and sequential. We have created an organized and creative curriculum that has allowed us to see gifted children excel, and children with unique learning abilities achieve success beyond their age group.