Spiritual Life

We strive to help each student discover the purpose God has for them so that they can confidently move into the life He is calling them to live.

Our desire is for children to:

  • Grow into adults who love God with all their heart and mind
  • Use all their gifts and abilities to the glory of God
  • Love and serve others
  • Understand their potential, their destiny, and their Creator

Bible Curriculum

We want students to learn to love studying God’s Word and allow it to direct their lives.  Bible curriculum for each grade level has been selected which best meets the needs of students at that age.  Using different publishers allows us to select the best options and create a scope and sequence that flows from grade to grade.

Students memorize weekly Bible verses as part of our Bible program.

Preschoolers do not use a formal curriculum, but do learn Bible stories, memorize a monthly Bible verse, and practice showing God’s love to others.

Click here for more information about our Bible curriculum.


Chapel is a time for our school community to gather for worship.  Students attend a weekly chapel based on their grade level.  Bible lessons are presented in a fun, age-appropriate message. Each class (first – sixth grade) takes a turn presenting a class chapel play.  Chapel times are as follows:

Grades K-third:  Friday mornings, 9:00 AM

Grades four-six:  Friday mornings, 9:45 AM

Grades seven-eight:  Wednesday afternoons, 1:20 PM

All-school chapels are scheduled for celebrations like: MLK Jr. Day, Easter, Veteran’s Day, and Christmas.

Parents are always invited to join their child in chapel.



Our goal is for students to apply Biblical principles to their every day lives.  In order to help them grow in this area, students participate in weekly discipleship/mentoring sessions as well as classroom meetings.  Older students meet with younger students under the guidance of a teacher or an administrator. Mentoring times include a lesson in Biblical truth with an opportunity for students to discuss how they can apply that truth in real situations. We also invite our alumni to return to mentor middle school students several times throughout the year.

Classroom meetings are an opportunity for the class community to work together to solve problems and resolve conflicts. Teachers also use this time for students to encourage one another by sharing how they have seen each other show Christ-like characteristics.