Teaching children the importance of serving others is another significant part of the culture at NCS.  Classes plan service trips throughout the school year to help out in the community. Students also learn to contribute to the school community by serving as recess monitors or student aides.

Some service highlights include:

  • Making stockings with seniors
  • Christmas decorations for residents of a care facility
  • Adopting a needy family to purchase Christmas gifts for
  • Decorating Easter eggs with seniors
  • Making crafts with residents in a memory care facility
  • Packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child

Justice Rising - Sister School

NCS partners with Justice Rising to support a school in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our sister school is located in the village of Mugunga.  Justice Rising’s mission is to “bring peace to communities affected by war by providing quality education to children at risk.”  They build schools, develop programs and raise up community leaders towards the goal of promoting peace and breaking the cycle of war.

Northville Christian will help over 100 kids to attend school this year—over time, that number will increase to nearly 200 students annually! The partnership between the two schools tangibly transforms the lives of families on both continents, and give kids greater perspective and value for our global community. 

In 2018 8th graders raised money for Justice Rising through their “Fun Friday” activities. Individuals who would like to donate to our sister school should contact Lisa Barren.

Naomi & Abigail

These girls were born in a time of war. Their mom fled in the night to save the girls from the threats of conflict. Six years later, they still live in Mugunga, still displaced in their own nation.
Mugunga (the site of our sister school) is in an area best known as an encampment for displaced people. In times of war, thousands of people are often forced to flee to safer areas. Once the fighting subsides, most people return home to their villages, but for some, whether for lack of finances, trauma or other reasons, many are unable to return to the lives they once knew. This is the reality for many living in Mugunga and for many of the students in our new school.

This September, these girls will enroll in school for the first time in years! We’re so honored to now have a small part in their journey.