Please email jobs@ncalife.org to submit a resume or for more information. 

Part-Time Positions for 2023-2024:

  • none at this time

Full-Time Positions for 2024-2025:

  • now accepting resumes for elementary teachers 

Why Work at NCS?

Northville Christian School has been touching lives for eternity for over 40 years.  NCS is a collaborative community focused on education and discipleship. The faculty members work together to provide an environment in which students thrive. Students are inspired to live a Christ-centered life through daily Bible lessons, weekly chapels, and regular adult-led peer mentoring sessions which help them apply Scriptural lessons to their lives.  We know people grow more by focusing on relationships rather than rules alone. These practices create a unique, family-like culture of respect and integrity that allows our students to grow into assertive leaders prepared for life.

Our rigorous academic curriculum meets the needs of diverse learners.  By approaching instruction with a diagnostic intent, we can design lesson presentations that impact the individual learning style of each student.  It is our goal to draw out each child’s natural gifts and follow the Lord’s destiny. With excellent academic instruction and wise discipleship, NCS offers a solid foundation for students.

Contact us today to join our team.  jobs@ncalife.org