Mrs. Labroff


Hello students and parents! 

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I will miss teaching you in PE class while we are not at school, but the good news is you already have all the skills, tools, and knowledge you need to keep your body healthy. 

I hope you can use all that we’ve learned in PE this year to stay active each day and if it’s safe and the weather is nice you could even try to get outside and play in your yards to keep yourselves active. 

Below are some resources and activities that you can check out if you get bored or need a fun activity to do. 

Stay Safe, Have Fun, and Keep Yourself Active! Hope to see you all soon!

Mrs. Labroff

Optional Skills Review

If you have any of the equipment below (frisbee, ball, jump rope, balloon etc), you can practice reviewing or working on any of the skills that we’ve learned in PE class this year. 

  • Jump Rope: If you have a jump rope, you can review some of the Single Jump Rope Tricks we learned in PE, or if you have a sibling or family member you could even try out some of the Partner Tricks we learned
  • Throwing and Catching:  If you have space in your yard and it’s safe to go outside, try to practice throwing and catching with a family member with a ball or a frisbee
  • Striking a Balloon (awesome activity for K-2nd Grade) 
    • Blow up a balloon and practice striking it with different items in your house (or different body parts)
    • What is the hardest item or body part to control the balloon with?  What’s your record for the most number of hits without moving your feet?
    • Here’s an example of this balloon striking activity
  • Basketball: If you have a basketball or playground ball, practice some of the ball-handling drills and challenges that we worked on in PE over the last few weeks
  • TAKE A WALK at a park or in your neighborhood!
  • UNO Card Fitness for grades 6-8: Laps could be around your block, around your backyard, around your basement!


Activities for May

Challenge yourself to complete this physical activity calendar for the month of May. Click on the picture to access a PDF version of the list. 

Watch this video: Why Do We Need to be Active? 

Enjoy Being Active Outside

Complete the Outdoor Phys. Ed. Scavenger Hunt
or the Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt.  

Try one of these dance style workouts choreographed to Christian music! 

Or check out more activities in the videos below.