Mrs. Harden


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1st/2nd Grade:
Draw a Caterpillar

Click this LINK to watch the video below for directions on how to draw a colorful caterpillar.

Butterfly Life Cycle

  1. Use Word or Google Docs to create a Butterfly Life Cycle
  2. Add pictures of each phase of the cycle
  3. Add text boxes to label each part of the cycle
  4. Insert arrows to show the progression of the life cycle.
  5. Print and share with your family.


3rd/4th Grade: Fact Research

Go to and click on A day in history. Enter your birthday and learn about some things that happened on that day. Open a Word Document and use a numbered list to tell me 4 things that happened that day. If the event mentions someone you don’t know click on the link and read about them.

Watch my example below. 

5th/6th: Typing Challenge

Typing Challenge: See who can beat the record of 25 WPM! Send your results to your teacher.

7th/8th: Learn about Copyright

View these Slides to learn about The Four Factors of Fair Use & Understanding Copyright.


7th/8th: Learn about Keyboards

Read the article 31 Weird and Fun Facts about Computer Keyboards

Watch this video to create a table and record information about the article.


More Activities For All Grades

NCS Keyboarding Practice 

  • Account ID: nca20
  • Username: firstname+first letter of last name (no spaces)
  • Password: north5

Click here for Online Activities 

Resources and Activities by Grade Level

Middle School Robotics & Coding

  • New This Week: Using Google CS First, go to curriculum and choose Game Design, click start, and begin designing a game.
  • Work with
    • Choose sign up
    • Choose Student
    • Join with class key 2c5325
    • Work on Python lessons
  • Use Khan Academy, or Bitsbox to work on coding activities.
  • Go to the technology website: and watch the video and reply to the questions below.
  • Robotics- Watch this video. Write a reaction on Google Docs. Which robot did you like the best and why? Which would you choose to have if you could?
  • Share with Mrs. Harden using the “can comment” option


Watch the video of the TED Talk below by a 12-year-old and critique him based on the 5 Elements of a Perfect Speech:

  1. Preparation
  2. Creativity
  3. Body language
  4. Attention-grabbing opening
  5. Structure (call to action & influence)

Start a diary for compiling your experience and thoughts from the start of school closures on March 13, 2020, to the end of the school year.

Interview and do a news article of a family member about a unique or memorable time in history when they were your age.

Graphic Design


Make a CD cover for your favorite band. You can use Canva or Adobe Illustrator. Use what you have learned about Color, Typography, and Layout to make an attractive design.

Learn how to use the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator.

Go to and create a Poster about Digital Citizenship using the things you learned from 21things4students that you can share with your family.

Make an advertisement poster using the logo you made last week. Watch the videos on the Technology website and apply the things you learned.