America’s Greatest Generation

Principal’s Perspective: America’s Greatest Generation

Last Friday, Northville Christian School honored our military veterans with a Veteran’s Day chapel. Our children need to know about the sacrifice of our ancestors who defeated the tyranny of dictators.

Veteran Speaking

Our military veterans are not the only noble people from the past whose efforts are to be revered. Historians refer to those men and women, in the early part of the last century, who persevered through two world wars, the Great Depression, and fought for civil rights as “America’s Greatest Generation.” Our grandparents and great grandparents sustained a belief in a biblical worldview that cherished freedom, accepted hard work to build the middle-class, and sacrificed their lives to ensure the protection of the republic.

An old friend, who resides in Nigeria, often told me he is grateful to God for developing America. He believed America has made the world safer for his family, and without her, the world would be more oppressive.

Our grandparents deserve being called
“America’s Greatest Generation,”
but their legacy to their grandchildren is being threatened.

The current generation has been handed the nickname “The Snow Flake Generation.” They are perceived to “melt” under pressure and heat. I asked some students if they deserved such a title. Together, we talked through the idea that prosperity and peace without a worldview that adheres to self-discipline and faith, can create a people who are ungrateful, fearful and soft. Author C.S. Lewis encouraged the church with this thought, “If followers of Christ live as people with strong hearts filled with God’s truth, the world will take notice.” Your child must be taught the biblical truth that as eternal beings made in the image of God, they possess the character of God, the strength of God, the wisdom of God. We are to internalize St. Paul’s battle cry, “In every adversity, we are more than conquerors.” I told our students that they are to reject the world’s view and pursue the authority placed upon them by God.

Our students must know that for such a time as this,
they were placed upon the earth and they are to claim their inheritance as a holy people, a chosen generation, and believe they are the “Diamond Generation”.

Dr. Carol Swain is a law professor from Vanderbilt who is committed to the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. She is warning the church to educate themselves and resist the moral collapse in America. Dr. Swain recently wrote the book, Abduction: How Liberalism Steals Our Children’s Hearts and Minds.   She wants parents to know that the loss of the Judeo-Christian worldview in America will continue to undermine our virtues and freedoms. The loss of a biblical worldview has turned America’s children into “snowflakes.” Thankfully, Biblical lessons of the faithful experiences of our spiritual ancestors can inspire our kids to become holy, loving and wise. As our children become Christ followers, they will take their place in this world and offer those around them the hope that is found through obedience to our Lord Jesus.

It is my prayer that we will work together as a community to establish a worldview within our children that will touch lives for eternity.


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