Absolute Truth

Principal’s Perspective: Absolute Truth

What is the purpose of this educational community? May I suggest that we are a community of believers committed to know God intimately? We are a depository of life’s knowledge on how we are to live a life of truth and purpose with our Creator. We are here to answer the big questions of life.

Whether it is a Bible class or a math class, both lessons are to prepare students to become the person that God intended. We teach God’s knowledge, God’s history, God’s math, God’s science, God’s arts, God’s fun and recreation.

There are 3 questions at the center of man’s reason for existence. They are monumental in scope. If any person rightly answers these 3 questions his/her entire life will be gloriously blessed.

Where do we come from?
What is our purpose?
Where are we going?

Existentialists believe there are no purposeful answers to these questions. We exist by the mere chance that the universe created itself, and organized itself, in such a way as to allow chemicals to evolve eventually into human beings. Parents must realize that a worldview without God leads to despair. One of the first philosophers of modern existentialism, Jean-Jacques Rousseau taught there is no sin; therefore, man does not need a Savior. Yet, Rousseau killed his 8 children by abandoning them to the poor house. Later in his life, he wrote that he regretted his actions. His teachings were the foundation of communism and a culture of hopelessness. Leonardo da Vinci realized later in his life, the enlightenment philosophy of the Renaissance, would allow men to arbitrarily choose truth and morality which he concluded would enhance evil, since only God can set the standard of truth. Culture without truth has always led to death and pain.

Philosophies that exclude Biblical truth will deprive the world of the hope we have from the Garden of Eden. In this initial story of God, He lets us know where we came from, how we got here, why we were created. It is a story often told as a child’s tale, but it contains tremendous truth and far reaching significance. We were not mistakes. We have a Father of power and position who loves us. He has a purpose for each of us. The story also tells us He did not abandon us, but He had a plan to redeem us even after we betrayed Him. To know you were wanted and that there is a purpose for you can fill your soul with hope, confidence, and joy.

Parents need to consider the effects of today’s culture.

Music and movies are telling stories that are filled with despair, hopelessness, and death. In the documentary, Merchants of Cool, a Harvard professor stated, “The American youth culture is killing the soul of our children.” Fathers and mothers must live and teach their children the Biblical worldview of holiness, purpose, and hope. Christianity celebrates life, sees all people as equal in God’s eyes, and commands that we love and serve even “the least of all people.” Without these truths, America will fail to be the “city on a hill” which founding father, John Winthrop, believed was our destiny.

If we are to touch our children’s lives for eternity,
we must share with them God’s truths.


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