Shelly Zehnder

5th Grade Teacher

NCS Staff Member Since: 2003

Education: Midwestern Baptist College BRE
Bob Jones University

Shelly joined the teaching staff at NCS as a second grade teacher and recently moved to fifth grade.  She has been involved in running school events like Family Fun nights and the Book Fair.  Prior to working at NCS, Shelly worked for other Christian schools and directed a preschool and a daycare center.

Shelly’s two children, Jordan and Mary, are both NCS alumni and both currently work at NCS.

Shelly says, “NCS is a strong body of believers who care for the needs of others. Our administration is very supportive and caring, and each has a servant’s heart. It is a great joy and privilege to work in such a loving and caring environment. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, ‘that we as believers need to encourage one another and build each other up.’ NCS is definitely a place that I can truly say, that on a daily basis, I feel encouraged and built up by those I work with and by the many families that attend here. NCS is my home away from home.”